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  • Product name: Lint Free Wipes Packaging Roll
  • Product No.: Wipes Packaging Roll
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Lint Free Wipes Packaging Roll

Product Profile:

Juneng Filter Material are leading meltblown non woven fabric manufacturer,which specializing in professional produce microfiber lint free cleaning wipes, after environmental testing, microfiber cleaning wipe is characterized by strong decontamination,and it is totally lint free,wont scrape the surface of products,acid/alkali resistant,and great oil and liquid absorption.

Meltblown is a specially designed wipe where spirits, solvents and oil need to be absorbed rapidly from surfaces. These wipes are perfect for a wide range of uses in professional work spaces. If you want to remove grease and oil from surfaces then these wipes are the perfect choice.  100% Polypropylene thermo bond with a chicken claw grain,bark,plum points and square points pattern.Dispense wipe at a time for controlled usage form a carry handle carton. Used by all types of engineers,confidential instrument owner, car repairers, car painting company,bodyshops printing companies and more.


Lint Free Wipes Packaging :PE bag+ shrinkable film
Packing specification reference1:25cm*400m
Packing specification reference2:32cm*400m
Packing specification reference3:25cm*300m
Packing specification reference4:32cm*300m
Packing specification reference5:38cm*300m
Packing specification reference6:25cm*200m
Packing specification reference7:32cm*200m
Packing specification reference8:38cm*200m

Kindly Reminder:

All of our meltblown nonwoven products are factory direct sales, sample are available upon request,you just need to provide your company express account ,or i send collect pay express to you, any comments are welcome,please feel free to contact me:Vivian +86 18116628077.

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