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  • Name: Chemical Absorbant Pillows
  • NO.: Chemical Absorbant
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Chemical Absorbant Pillows


Product Profile:

Juneng Filter Material Company are leading meltblown non woven fabric manufacturer,which specializing in the production of all kinds of spill response kits,including spill kits,chemical absorbant pads,oil absorbant pads ,universal absorbant pads and other shapes absorbent material.

Chemical absorbant series of products are used for emergency treatment of liquid and chemical reagent leakage in the industry,and any other leak field.

Chemical absorbant material are new efficient and pollution-free environmental protection product.It can be made into ,water absorbing mats(absorbent felt),absorbent booms,absorbent pillows and etc.


Name:                      Chemical absorbent pillows

Material:                    100% polypropylene

Technics:                    Melt blown

Features:                   Superfine fiber

Specification:                  Make to order

Color :                      blue/waite/gray,make to order

MOQ:                       500 Kilogram

Package:                     PE bags/Cartons

Sample:                      Free stock sample



Products Weight Time Of Oil Absorption Time Of Liquid Absorption Color Remark
Oil Absorbent Pillow 170-500 10   White,Grey,
make to order
1Hot rolling and hydrophilic are available
Can do LOGO printing
Can be according auoding to customer requirements
Can be combined with other products
Chemical Absorbent Pillow 170-500 10 15
Oil Absorbent Boom 0.28-7.2 10  
Chemical Absorbent Boom 0.28-7.2 10 15
Oil Absorbent Pad 100-550 10  
Chemical Absorbent Pad 100-550 10 15

Product features:

1. Chemical absorbent material is produced by microfiber, which can quickly absorb 15 times the weight of the liquid.

2. Excellent hydrophilic

3. Acid/alkali resistance,anti-wear, anti-friction,anti-tear, anti-pull, even if absorbed saturation it will not spill outside.

4. Recyclable: after the liquid extrusion, it can be reused many times.

5. For non-toxic and unstimulated, it can be incinerated after use, without harmful gas and ecological environment protection.


Why Choose Us ?


1.High quality:

Under strict quality control, our products have passed ISO9001,CE,and American SGS certification, stable quality can be guranteed, it will help you keep the market share well. 

2.Competitive price:

We are a professional meltblown nonwoven products manufacturer in China, there is no middleman's profit, you can get the most reasonable price from us. 

3.Quick lead time:

We have our own factory with three production lines, which save your time to dicuss with the trade company , we will try our best to meet your request.


Kindly Reminder: 

All of our meltblown nonwoven products are factory direct sales, sample are available upon request,you just need to provide your company express account ,or i send collect pay express to you, any comments are welcome,please feel free to contact me:Vivian +86 18116628077.

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