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Company Profile

We are Sichuan Juneng Fliter Mterial Co.,Ltd with Shaoxing Juneng New Material Technology Co., its predecessor. We have grown up for 20 years in the area of non-woven and absorbent materials research and production. It is located in Hi-Tech zone in Cheng Du, China and founded in 2017. The company as both a manufacturer and trading company was listed in Chinese stock market(scjn 810482)


Sichuan Suo Ma New Material technology is the  manufacturing base wholly owned by Sichuan Juneng Fliter Mterial Co.,Ltd.There are over 100 employees and a R&D team composed of researchers, engineers and professional experts from universities and technical institutes.

As a leading provider of products and service of new non-woven filter material in China, we exert ourselves to forge ahead with our brand,and focus ourselves on development、production、sales and services of new absorbing meltblown materials and its products that has currently 3 up-to-date meltblow production lines in our manufacturing base. 6 categories of our products are as below:


1.Medical absorbent products including medical face masks and absorbent mats used in surgery and operation room.

2.Oil / liquid / chemical absorbent products including absorbent mats, absorbent boom / socks, absorbent pad, and spill kits.

3.Meltblown Filtration materials used for face mask and different types of face masks including PM2.5, BEF, N, KN, and FFP series of face masks.

4.Lint-free absorbent non-dust wipers with super absorbing power for oil and waters

5.Car deadening materials

6.Various non-woven fabric materials and products


Sichuan Junen is advancing with creation and keeping pace with the times to enhance quality and promote our brand. We are qualified with multiple testing reports and certificates issued by the third independent party、labs and institutes on national levels. Also, we owned 2 patents and achieved the 2015 Award of National Innovative Excellent Enterprise and 2016 award of national important technical development during the twelfth five-year plan period.







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