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Meltblown Nonwoven Material Series

  Melt-blown fabric’s main raw material is Polypropylene .The fiber diameter could be between 0.3-0.5 μm. This special microfiber which is capillary structure can increase the number of fibers in unit area, therefore ,this kind of melt-blown fabric has high filter performance , shielding ,oil absorption , and thermal insulation.

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  • Name: Oil Only Absorbant Pads
  • NO.: Absorbent Pads

Oil Absorbent Pads


Product Profile:

Juneng Filter Material are leading meltblown nonwoven fabric manufacturer,which specializing in the production of all kinds of spill response kits, including spill kits, oil only absorbant pads,chemical absorbant pads and universal absorbant pads and other absorbent type. 

Oil spill absorbent series is specially designed for industrial petroleum and chemical spill absorption.The spill control series can easily handle any spill emergency.

Meltblown oil absorbent material is mainly made of PP nonwoven materials ,which are waterproof but perfect Oil absorbency, and meltblown spill absorbents fabric has the good feature of small gap but big porosity,so meltblown fabric possesses fine oil absorbency .after testing,it can absorb 15 times oil than its own weight.


Name  :                      Oil absorbent pads

Material:                    100% polypropylene

Technics:                    Melt blown

Features:                   Superfine fiber

Width:                         Make to order

Color :                         blue/waite/gray,make to order

MOQ:                         500 Kilogram

Length:                       Make to order

Package:                    10pcs/bags,or others

Thickness:                   Make to order

Sample:                       Free stock sample

Application:                  Cleaning up chemical spills, oil spills and liquid spills.


Product Class Color Specification Weightgsm Remarks
Oil Absorbent Pad Pressure point White 40*50cm
100-500G 200pcs/box
Pressure point and composite White
Pressure point and composite and 
with a dotted line

Application Scenarios:

Clean up spills in a workshop

Absorption and clean Oil pollution on water surface

Cleaning large area of oil spill and pollution

Controlling oil stain

Protecting people and equipments when oil spill

Oil absorption for machinery,ships and ship bottom ,oil absorption and antiskid on deck.

Clean up all kinds of oil pollution


Why Choose Us ?

1.High quality:

Under strict quality control, our products have passed ISO9001,CE,and American SGS certification, stable quality can be guranteed, it will help you keep the market share well.

2.Competitive price:

We are a professional meltblown nonwoven products manufacturer in China, there is no middleman's profit, you can get the most reasonable price from us. 

3.Quick lead time:

We have our own factory with three production lines, which save your time to dicuss with the trade company , we will try our best to meet your request.

Kindly Reminder:

All of our meltblown nonwoven products are factory direct sales, sample are available upon request,you just need to provide your company express account ,or i send collect pay express to you, any comments are welcome,please feel free to contact me:Vivian +86 18116628077.

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